Keeping Canada’s Seniors in Their Homes for Longer

As medical advances allow more and more people to live longer, the percentage of seniors in our population is increasing. What is not increasing, however, is the level of government commitment to creating an equal number of beds in assisted living facilities.

That means increasingly long waits for people, many of whom are at a point in their lives where they need regular assistance just to perform the functions of everyday life. Also, many seniors are resistant to living in such places, preferring to stay in the home where they have felt comfortable and safe for years. For a large number of individuals, this is entirely possible with a little bit of help each day.

Canadian senior home care is the answer for both of these situations. Having a personal support worker at your home each day means that your individual care needs can be met. Thus, your wait for a bed in assisted living will be much more comfortable. Also, for those whose goal is to spend the rest of their days at home, a personal support professional can help to make that happen.

Many of our elderly have family members who are happy to lend a hand in their relatives’ care. However, caregiving can be quite involved, depending on the person’s needs, and can take a real toll on them and their lives. It is entirely feasible that instead of one person needing care, there could end up being two.

Having professional care assistance helps to lift a large portion of that burden. Also, the vast majority of these workers are highly trained and better able to recognize/correct problems when they occur. A combination of professional and family aid can provide the perfect tag team that allows our loved ones additional years of comfort, safety, and good health.

Depression at an Old Age


One of the worst things about chronic depression is the knowledge that few people understand what you are going through. How many times have you had someone tell you to just “get up and keep going.” If you have been in the throes of depression, you know all too well just how difficult it is to simply function on a day-to-day basis. Keeping going is the equivalent of climbing Mount Everest with no gear or preparation. 

A strange paradox with depression is that you both hate human contact and long for it. The people you can connect with the best are others going through the same hell you are, but you would rather hang out with “normal” people because maybe their “normalness” will rub off on you. The trouble is, when you are feeling down, you can’t help but compare yourself to others. It’s a losing game in which you will always come up short. I have had many a day when I was feeling a bit better quickly go south because of someone unintentionally reminding me of all the areas in life where I am currently falling short. 

Choosing a therapist can be daunting. I have found that it is best to go for three appointments. By that point, you will know how comfortable and open you are with the person; those are two key areas in a successful therapeutic relationship. Never, and I mean never, continue seeing a therapist when the two of you do not have a rapport or the therapist’s views are not in line with your own. There is nothing wrong with a therapist challenging you, but there has to be some common ground. For example, if you are bisexual, seeing a therapist who does not believe bisexuality exists will certainly not help you. 

Fortunately, there are some very good, open-minded therapists out there who can help to get you back on track. Most recently, a friend had a very good therapeutic experience with this service, and regularly sees a therapist there. Good luck

Medical Bracelet For You And Your Family

emergidPeople are getting more open-minded regarding this latest trend going on. It’s fashionable and useful for your health concerns. If you don’t know this, just keep on reading this article and you will be amazed. These are for people usually have medical illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, seizures, different kinds of allergies and more. We need to secure ourselves and our love ones for some possible emergencies or accidents that might happen. You need to be ready at all time to avoid getting your condition more serious. If you have illnesses that need quick attention during inconvenient manner or some of your family have medical issues, then you need this.

This is called an emergency ID. It is used mostly people suffering medical problems for the health provider attend their needs properly. It also a warning bracelets for medical conditions. So beforehand that a practitioner attended their medical issue, she/her evaluated and assessed the patient to avoid further injuries or complications. This emergency ID that is fashionable and useful accessories for people with medical conditions can save one’s life and your love ones. You can store unlimited data about your health, insurance, emergency contacts and so on. In your accessory, the ID Code need to be engraved on your Emergency ID product for easy purposes.

You can choose different designs and accessories. The bracelets are common used because it’s one convenient accessory that you are able to wear daily without noticing that it is for your health. The medical id bracelet made in stainless steel. So you don’t need to worry that it will be damage and rusty. To make it last, keep it dry and don’t expose it to any strong chemicals. This is also a wonderful gift for your family to keep them safe and secure for difficult times.

Save Women Centres


Save Women Centres is a blog dedicated to encouraging good health in women.  Good health is vital to the success and future of every female.  We want to promote good health and prove that a health lifestyle is vital to each and every woman whether they’ve got the time for it or not.

Many women are so busy nowadays with work, family and many other tasks that may be a hindrance to their health.  It is unfortunate that there are not more websites encouraging the well-being of women.  Rather, there are plenty of diet websites and lifestyle magazines telling women how to behave, how to dress, and what to eat.

Instead of being one of those websites, we are here to increase the total well-being of females everywhere.  We hope to empower women and lead them to success.