Deciding The Ideal Sunglasses for Your Facial Structure

Sunglasses are a staple in your closet! It serves a different purpose. First of all, it protects and shades your eyes from the harmful UV rays coming from the sun. Besides, it is also a piece of accessory to boost your look. Lastly, it can change or upgrade your facial structure.

Finding that ideal pair of shades, here are some guidelines to know your facial structure.


  1. Oval


An oval face has marginally more extensive cheekbones and a delicate narrowing at the brow and jaw. Oval face type has it the best – appropriate for all styles because of an extremely adjusted facial structure. Simply be careful that the span of the edges are neither too enormous that it conceals the alignment of the face nor should the frame be too round to include much more characterized precise highlights to the face. Style decisions: Any shapes and designs.


  1. Oblong


Oblong face type advantage from shades that include a specific level of sharpness to their generally delicate highlights. Wide and thick-framed glasses with sharp edges will work well for in separating the long lines of your face. Style decisions: Wrap, Wayfarers, Angular Frames, Gradient Lenses, Visors.


  1. Heart


A heart face type is considered the widest at the temple and gradually narrows through to the jaw. Choose frames that divert attention away from the temple and onto the eyes. Cat-eye, sporty, quirky and pointy frames are the best decisions as its shapes offset the best substantial structure of the face – simply ensure the width at the highest point of the edge is more extensive than the brow. Style decisions: Cat-eye, Sporty, Quirky shaped, Pointy, Wayfarers


  1. Round


A round face has milder points with somewhat more extensive cheekbones and a similarly wide temple and jaw. The round face type needs definition and in this way, several shades ought to make up for that. Search for outlines that are more extensive or equivalent to the width of your face while rakish or straight edges add length to your facial profile. Style decisions: Wayfarers, Cat-eye, Double Brow, Angular


  1. Square


A square face type has more angular lines with similarly wide cheekbones, brow, and jaw. Mellow the layout of your face with adjusted and bent edges. Style decisions: Shield, Rounded, Curved, Aviators


  1. Triangle


A triangle face type is most extensive at the jaw and narrows through to the brow. Your fundamental point ought to outwardly widen the upper portion of your face while making the lower half less prominent. Pick shades with an extensive edge and a wide upper part. The lower part shouldn’t have square or sharp edges. Style choices: Round glasses without bright decorations, Aviators, Cat’s eyes glasses with transparent lenses, Frameless glasses